Dark Garden _13 - Dark Garden Artwork Image regarding Climate Change and Flooding.

AI Bots form bubbles to Observe a Threshold
of Climate Change and Flooding
30.6″ x 46″, 77.72 x 116.84 cm.
Archival Digital Photograph
Dark Garden –
©Kathleen J Graves

The Changing Environment and Increased Flooding

This image is about Climate Change and Flooding. As I combine nature with technology I use ideas about
Nanobots as new life forms who observe in
the outdoor landscapes I photograph.
Therefore, I imagine these Bots to be artificially intelligent
– AI beings that camouflage themselves to blend in.
As a result, the mysterious Bots reference a world inside
and outside of the frame of the image.
The Bots are technological innovation that is a
constructive influence on the future.

In Summary,
Dark Garden is about Conservation of the Environment
and Nature, Climate Change and Increased Flooding.
Throughout I’m making work about the concept of
thresholds‘ in nature.
Thresholds are a symbolic space of entry
to the known and unknown.

I find unique digital results with electronic tools.
Consequently, I combine the methods of
painting, drawing, printmaking and analogue photography.
I find the ‘hand’ of digital is involved the same way
as every other art process.
Furthermore, the Bots change the dimensional
perception of the space adding a 3-D aspect.
They are an intervention in the photograph.
Finally, these Bots range from being quite unique
to variations of each other and exact copies.

I am used to thinking, how can I make an idea into an image.
I like to see the image as a baroque or chaotic space.
In this space the Bots and landscapes do not
confront each other, but rather us, the viewer.
Finally, I accentuate the feeling of suspension and
warning by adding deep shadows and dark spaces.

The images give you the experience of getting
physically close to details so you can examine them.
Last, these images love life and nature –
I want my audience to be able to savor
the color and discover content.
It does seem like the contrast between sensual beauty
and the difficulty of confronting climate issues
favors taking time to look and think.

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