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Invitation to Pandemonium Art Exhibition

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Helen Rousakis

peter campus

Andreas Rentsch

Mary Boochever

Antonio Trimani

Kathleen J Graves

Kathleen J Graves


Elyzabeth Meade

Antonio Trimani

Kathleen J Graves

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Press Release Pandemonium – Nature and Time

Opening Friday, September 17th, 5 – 7 pm

The Gallery at 12 Bell St, Bellport, NY

The Pandemonium Art Exhibition is pleased to present work by eight artists,

Mary Boochever, peter campus, Jamie Dearing, Kathleen J Graves, Elyzabeth Meade, Andreas Rentsch, Helen Rousakis and Antonio Trimani.

The artists have chosen multiple formats for presenting their ideas – painting, performance, photography, video, sculpture, ink on washi and digital drawing.

Their work encompasses their experience in nature and their concern for the human influence over it. Each has a different emphasis in method, thought and materials so that the variations between the works create a dynamic interpretation of the outdoors.

Robert MacFarlane writes, “Loss is the tune of our age, hard to miss and hard to bear. Creatures, places and words disappear…”

Artists gage time directly through their process. Working with time and space, the physical object emerges. The arrow of time moves forward to the future and is, therefore, asymmetrical. Can we predict and know the future? The work in Pandemonium has multiple expressions regarding nature and exposes critique with subtlety. Yet it is nearsighted and neglectful if we fail to develop solutions for our future.

We want the work to ask and answer questions. Is the object beautiful or even necessary? Is the artwork political or aesthetic, have meaning or a symbiosis? Is the work more empirical or rational or is it both? How does the artwork enrich a viewer’s life? Why is it important, even as the work answers with itself, to connect and negotiate meaning.

Specifying time in nature says we’re here and we experience our own ontology or state of being. With regard for nature we examine and reveal our environmental moment and mark it to be seen.

Invitation Announcement and Poster for Pandemonium Nature and Time

Pandemonium – Nature and Time is produced by Kathleen J Graves.