Thresholds in Nature - about the environment of the future. Damaris and the Sea Turtle observe a Threshold in Nature.
Damy and the Sea Turtle – Threshold 1, 2019, Archival Digital Artwork
22.5in x 30inW, 57.15cm x 76.2cmW
©Kathleen J Graves
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Thresholds in Nature – This work is about the concept of ‘thresholds’ in nature. My subject matter is landscape, the beach, endangered turtles, black rhinos, wolves and young people who will live into the environment of the future. Therefore I’m using thresholds as a symbolic space of entry to the known and unknown. A threshold marks a path, a going towards, a place to climb to, and is the nexus of mysterious conditions.

Consequently, at the point where we move forward from the present to the future there is a transmutation of nature and time. We use our experience and decisions to build the conditions that result after crossing a threshold. Thus, we derive our relationship to the future beyond from our collective past. The ground of my thresholds creates a result and manifests a future environment that is preserved. Above all, I hold onto respect for nature. The idea of entrance looks at the necessity to inform that treading foot, that ‘threscold’ of our ancestors.

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