An arrangement of trash on a 2D surface.
Buried In Nature
25″H x 27″W, 63.5 cm x 68.58 cm
Trash on White Silk, Wood, Sea Glass Stretchers
©Kathleen J Graves
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A Collection of Trash is arranged and reclaimed.

Buried in Nature
(A Collection of Trash)

Patterns and arrangements,
Throwaways, cast offs, Glances
and impressions, secondhand

Molded and manufactured Rubbish
ornamental Residue,
A Motley Group

the age of reproduction
Urbane and breezy
A Diagram of sorts

A conduit to our
intimacy, familiar excerpts, I
Salvage these odds and ends

They’re free, the convenience,
The design, the color
Could we find a way away?

Are we there yet?

these Fragments of time
Our History for the dirt

for the Land Fill.

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